Kellie Adamson

The founder of The Conscious Corporate, Kellie Adamson, uncovered the formula for the most authentic life - demonstrating that service, joy and success are instrumental in accessing an individual's full potential.

Kellie is a true leader in her field, offering a science-based approach focusing on an individual's unique representation system. The result, a tailored set of preventative and proactive strategies to get the desired outcome.

After leading a corporate life, Kellie reflected on the negative culture she had experienced at work.  Realising that unrest, competition and low morale were present in all workplaces she committed to helping those who suffered because of the aforementioned. It's often thought that success can't be taught - this could not be further from the truth.

Kellie understands the importance of increasing sales and building strong relationships with open communication is a key factor to business success.  These skills can be taught by realising the potential that is buried in each of us.

Once we have scraped away the doubt, stress, and anxiety - the void that is left is filled with inspiration to lead a new life of success with an emphasis on continuous improvement.

Hello Kellie

Our Vision: To Inspire A Conscious Way Of Living, Change Lives and Live a Life of Purpose

Our Difference

We combine neuroscience and awareness training to help our clients use all their skills - and find abilities they did not know they had. By strengthening the mind-body connection, we treat our clients as whole people, giving them the skills to take advantage of opportunities and thrive in challenging times.


Improve Your Whole Life

Through honing interpersonal and cognitive skills, we help our clients improve all areas of their lives.

Our Values

  • Consciousness: awareness of and respect for yourself and others
  • Leadership: leading with confidence and humility
  • Inclusiveness: recognising strength in differences
  • Respect: learning from others and respecting their beliefs and views
  • Journey: enjoying the process, as well as aiming for the destination
  • Gratitude: appreciation for what we have, and a willingness to put in the work to make it even better