Power to Your People

A business where everyone is inspired and invested. A business which recruits the best people, the first time around. A business which supports its people to be their best. It's all possible.

You need your employees to do more than just show up. For your company to truly succeed, your people need to be aligned to your purpose and values.

Through our Conscious Review program, we work with your team to help them understand what your mission means in terms of their daily work, and train them to use awareness to identify opportunities and solve problems creatively.

Only 7 per cent of business is conducted in words. We'll help your people identify messages communicated non-verbally, letting them build stronger and more profitable relationships with your clients and customers.

And they'll be equipped with the tools to effectively manage stress which comes with modern life.

When employees are satisfied at work, they can outperform their competitors by over 200%, according to the Dale Carnegie Institute.

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Recruit Right - The First Time

Choosing the wrong person for a job can be a costly experience, especially when you have to recruit again for the position.

It's estimated turnover costs Australian businesses $3.8 billion in lost productivity, and $385 million recruitment costs.

Selecting the right person for the job may seem like a lottery, But it needn't be.

Using neuroscience-backed training, we can help you pick up and interpret non-verbal signals, so you can recruit the right people for your business.


Why Choose Us

Our unique, tailored programs use neuroscience and awareness training to help your people enhance their strengths, solve problems, become more productive, and create better relationships. By treating your team as the whole people they are, we help them bring their best selves to work.